Theatre Studio -  Xenia Kalogeropoulou

For six years now an extra activity of PORTA THEATRE has been running with growing success: a studio where Drama Workshops for children and Seminars for adults, take place every year from October to May.
The Porta Theatre Studio is directed by Peggy Stefanidou- Tsitsirikou (MA in Drama in Education), and along these five years eminent artists and teachers from Greece and abroad have taught in the studio in various fields.

Theatre and Drama in Education seminars for adults

For teachers of all grades, actors, theatrologists and educators in general, who use drama with children in various contexts (as a subject, in the school curriculum or preparing a performance). At first the participants have the opportunity to do practical work using various activities similar to the ones involved in the children’s workshops. In time they get into the theoretical approach of this work and finally they get the opportunity to practice by working themselves with children under the supervision of Peggy Stefanidou.
The length of the seminars is eight months (October to May).

Drama workshops for children and adolescents

Through the use of role play, improvisation, drama conventions and techniques children have the opportunity to express themselves creatively, share feelings, thoughts and ideas, build their own point of view, and reach a better understanding of themselves and of the world they live in.
These workshops are offered to children from all the stages of schooling, kindergarten- elementary school- secondary school-high school (5-17 years old).
All children taking part in the workshops have the opportunity to follow rehearsals at the Porta, at various stages and to discuss with the actors, directors etc. about their work on the production. The length of the workshops is eight months (October to May)

Mini workshop for children of 2 to 4 years of age

Conception - teaching: Martha Kloukina
During eight meetings, very young children and their mothers or fathers have the opportunity to learn, touch and discover each other through movement and dance.
This innovative workshop has proved extremely pleasant and very effective in stimulating thought and imagination through the use of the body. 

Permanent teachers at the Studio

Xenia Kalogeropoulou: actress, writer, translator and Art Director of Porta Theatre.
Peggy Stefanidou- Tsitsirikou: theatre educator (MA in Drama in Education) and director of Porta Teatre Studio.
Martha Kloukina: chorographer and dancer (BA in Dance Theatre), graduated of Laban Centre for Movement and Dance of London.
hni David : actress and psychologist, specialized in Theatre Education after attending the seminars of Porta Theatre Studio.

Chris Cooper is becoming a regular collaborator of the Studio, Art Director of Big Brum Theatre in Education Company. 

Among the foreign personalities who have taught in these we should mention: 

Anthony Haddock , Suzanne Lebeau, Lilo Baur, and Saartjie Oldenburg.

Greek artists and teachers who have taught in the studio include Thomas Moschopoulos, Anna Mascha, Argyris Xafis, Vasiis Mavrogeorgiou, Emilia Badouna, Mata Mara, Ekaterini Antonakaki, Dimitris Imellos, Sofia Paschou and Afroditi Sorotou. 


With the help of the Stavros Niarchos Foundation the Studio has started assembling titles for a lending library of books on Drama and Education and relevant subjects. The library is accessible to all our adult students as well as our graduates who are working already in these fields. The library has already more than 300 books in English language and many more in Greek. Apart from these titles, we have gathered an important amount of books for all ages. These may be borrowed and read by the children attending the workshops. 

Peggy Stefanidou-Tsitsirikou

Peggy Stefanidou was born in Athens. She is a kindergarten teacher and she has also studied Psychology for Children and Theatrology at the University of Athens. She holds a postgraduate degree in Drama in Education
(MA Drama in Education U.C. /University of Central England, UK).
She has participated in various seminars related to drama, theatre, puppetry and arts in Greece and Great Britain under Chris Cooper, David Davis, Edward Bond, Augusto Boal, Brian Wooland, Jonathan Neelands etc.
Since 2004 she is in charge of the "Studio of the Porta Theatre", organizing drama and Theatre in Education seminars for teachers, children and adolescents.

Porta Theatre Studio
The new studio is on 22 N, Nikodimou Plaka
Tube station: Syntagma - Monastiraki
Organisation - Secretary: Antonia Vlachou
For more information tel 210324 98 29, e-mail: info@ergastirikalogeropoulou.com